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You can order an authentic traditional Thai massage in Kyiv by us.

Containing the energetic power of the East, the traditional Thai massage in Kyiv is far from being widespread. The treatment itself is a technique that was perfected over the centuries by experts of medicine and massage, combining the sharpness of the Chinese mind and the Indian mysticism. Thai massage has become very popular in the capital, but the real traditional Thai massage in Kyiv is quite rare.

Sabai Dee Thai massage salon professionally provides an opportunity to experience the miraculous effect of this treatment.

Distinctive features of the traditional Thai massage in Kyiv.

The main basis of the traditional Thai body massage is a dry massage from the toes to the crown. This procedure is carried out in the clothes without oil. This ancient technique is directed to several medical “poles” at the same time, providing a complex effect on the entire body. The massage therapist kneads the body and the muscles and activates the biologically active points of the body, helps it “wake up”, recover, and provide it with the internal energy. Active massage session helps if the patient has low back pain, sciatica, backache and headache caused by low mobility. The very traditional Thai massage is performed in special pajamas.

As a result of the treatment, your body will feel recovered, toned up, you will have a good mood, your back, neck and joint pain will disappear, you will sleep better. Thus, your whole body will feel improved. The massage will improve blood circulation, which is the basis of human life.

Where to enjoy a traditional Thai massage in Kyiv?

Welcome to our specialized Sabai Dee saloon, you will get a blessed reception, high level of service, and superb qualification. In addition to the traditional Thai massage, we would like to offer you chocolate Thai massage and Thai massage with herbal bags.

Authenticity and naturalness are our key priorities. We will make the procedure of traditional Thai massage unforgettable, after which you may fall in love with this peculiar but effective technique. If you have any questions about the massage, please do not hesitate to contact us for consultancy, and we will be happy to help.


Time Price

1 hour 950
1.5 hours 1150
2 hours 1350