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Getting rid of fatigue: Thai legs massage in Kiev.

Fatigue is often accumulated after a long distance walk and vice versa - from the fact that we move rare and the body becomes unstable. Pain in legs, edemas, tremor when walking - all this you can get rid with the help of professional Thai masseurs of our Sabai Dee Thai massage salon, who make Thai legs massage at high level. Our personnel were awarded diplomas of prestigious "Wat Pho" Buddhist school and therefore make genuine massage according to a centuries-old eastern technique.

Our legs have a great number of bioactive points responsible for functioning of important organs in the body. By activating of these energy centers you can achieve effective reconstructive processes, stabilization of elements activity in the body. 

Features of Thai legs massage.

According to a tradition, the tool for Thai legs massage is a wooden stick and balm on the basis of medicinal herbs that have beneficial effects on the skin, blood flow and reconstructive processes. The stick is a Thai analog of Chinese medical needles since Thai massage is closely related to another ancient technique - acupuncture, curative needle therapy. So, if you cannot stand needles, then you will be satisfied with Thai legs massage - a stick, pushing in the right centers, sets the correct operation of the body - this is a special force of our body energy centers. In addition to the impact on the system of organs, Thai legs massage relieves edema, struggles with joint pain, and relaxes tensed and tired muscles.

Besides, massage therapist works with his fingers, rubbing and massaging key points on your legs, improving blood flow and preventing the appearance of varicose veins. Blood circulation is the basis of metabolism in the body, so Thai legs massage is vital for those who work long without movement in a sitting position.

This treatment is perfect for those who want to relieve stress after a hard day, change emotional background, and feel a burst of energy. After Thai legs massage you will have the ease of gait and leave all the troubles and routine behind. Comfort and health of clients - that is the main priority of Sabai Dee personnel. 

Time Price
30 min 550
40 min 650
1 hour 850