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Healing liquid: Thai body massage with oil in Kyiv

Thai massage has a touch of inscrutability - the massage therapist works with energy centers in the human body, which itself resembles a mystical process. However, if the dry traditional massage is aimed at activating specific points, Thai body massage with oil, among others, provides the body with beneficial elements.

Distinctive features of Thai body massage with oil.

This treatment is aimed at recovery of the body, improving blood circulation and lymphatic flow. All this is helpful at fortifying the body, immunity improvement, lung ventilation. In addition, it enhances the function of secretory glands and peristalsis.

Traditional Thai dry massage has a complex integrated effect for our system, but Thai body massage with oil shows additional benefits. Indeed, oil activates energy points and has a calming effect on consciousness. In contrast to the rather direct, hard dry massage, this treatment is performed with gentle, massaging motions, by rubbing oil on the body surface.

Where can I get Thai body massage with oil in Kyiv?

Sabai Dee salon, located in Kyiv, offers services of professional female massage therapists – ethnic Thais; these talented women were trained in a reputable Buddhist school “Wat Po” and got certified. We do our best to please the customers with a high level of service and improve their health. We offer you a wide range of massages to fit every taste: Thai foot massage, stone massage or massage for two.

Time Price
40 min 980
1 hour 1150
1.5 hours 1350
2 hours 1550