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The ritual begins with washing the feet with rose petals, followed by a Thai legs massage, which is carried out punctually by means of a wooden stick with essential aromatic oils, gently rolling in neck and collar area massage, which activates physiologically active points and allows get rid of headaches and severity of the back. The next massage is performed with the use of Thai herbal bags, in which more than forty species of medicinal Thai herbs is put together. Technique of this massage based on a mild exposure of heat, combined with elements of aromatherapy and acupressure.

In the result, there is a saturation of skin by useful microelements, improvement of microcirculation and tissues nutrition, strengthening of the immune system. At the end of the procedure the master performs relaxing massage with aromatic oils, which has lymph drainage calming effect, beneficially effecting to your skin. After the ritual, you will hold a tea ceremony. Allow yourself to experience unforgettable taste of Paradise cocktail.


Time Price
2.5 hours 3000