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Remove extra weight - Thai massage for losing weight (slim massage) in Kiev.

Very often, in order to lose weight we resort to unreasonable strict diet, go through procedural therapy, starve, and refuse of favorite foods. But there is much more of a pleasant, currently important, and most useful for organism way to get rid of body fat in problem areas. This is Thai slimming massage in Sabai Dee salon of Thai massage in Kiev.

All the procedures are carried out by Thai - specially trained in the art of massage in a well-known "Wat Pho" Buddhist school, where they have received their professional diplomas. Their talent and caring hands work wonders - you will lose weight comfortably, parallel to improving the entire body. 

Features of Thai slimming massage

Thai massage for weight loss based on the principle of active influence on problem areas - treatment of fatty deposits, activation of lymphatic drainage and more dynamic circulation, which helps the body get rid of fat. While working with bio-active centers of the body, masseuse help the body get rid of excess waste and toxins.

However, to enhance the effect, a special natural cream made from Thai herbs is used. Natural power helps the body to recycle actively the energy and burn everything unwanted, improve lymphatic drainage.

We should also mention the overall healing effect of Thai massage for weight loss on the entire body, because no one has canceled all the features, which are peculiar to it. You will feel easy, stress will leave you, organs will work stably, respiratory organs will be become clean, immunity increased. The effectiveness of this technique was tested by hundreds of years in medical researches, which involved brightest scientific experts of the East.

Of course, in order to achieve visible results with the help of Thai massage for weight loss, you should undergo the procedure regularly - preferably every three to four days during the entire course. Additional comprehensive health benefit will give you traditional Thai massage with aromatic oils in intervals between the main procedures.

Thai massage for weight loss is excellent method for slimming without resorting to harmful diets, slimming diets and doubtful medicinal agents. In addition, you will only reinforce the body and help it to bring out negative particles and restore energy balance. 

Time Price
30 min 950
60 min 1150
90 min 1350