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Rejuvenation and health: Thai massage with Shea butter

Many professional massage therapists have proved the miraculous properties of Shea butter. All around the world, his product is considered one of the most precious, life-giving oil ever produced by man. Its protective, as well as restorative effect is higher than expected - whether it is hair, skin, face or body - oil has a positive effect on any part of the body that is why it is often a necessary supplement to complex beauty care.

Thai massage with Shea butter

This treatment is particularly effective, as it combines the healing properties of the product and the efficiency of Thai massage techniques. Comprehensive effect is provided to the body, as well as to the mental state of a person - after a Thai massage with Shea butter, you will feel reborn.

Distinctive features of Thai massage with Shea butter

Most notably, a powerful anti-aging effect of the treatment. The oil not only eliminates the traces of skin diseases, but also removes flabbiness, fights against cellulite, rejuvenates and regenerates cells. By activating collagen, the most important structural element of skin formation, Shea butter activates anti-aging effect. The skin becomes smoother, young looking and attractive.

In addition to anti-aging effect, it is worth mentioning the impact on the energy points of the body in order to improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and strengthen the immunity.

Thai massage with Shea butter is tender and profound care at the same time, the treatment of conveying the essence of the East, its ancient traditions of great Chinese and Indian healers.

Moreover, city life, active work, negative influence of environmental factors generate stress, nervousness, and even depression. Our treatment performed by professional Thai female massage therapists will help get rid of the obsessive negative background. You will return your healthy, deep sleep; heal your nervousness and bad moods. Moreover, if you want to feel reenergized, you will love energy Thai massage.

Where can I get Thai massage with Shea butter in Kyiv?

Our Thai massage salon Sabai Dee will please both novices and connoisseurs of quality services; authenticity and certified female Thai massage therapists. We do everything to please the client with the Thai massage with Shea butter, so that he left the cabin rehabilitated, full of strength and energy.

Time Price
1 hour 1450
1.5 hours 1650
2 hours 1850