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The life-giving oxygen - Thai massage with herbal bags.

A number of different variations, each of which has distinct features, characterize Thai massage. Indeed, the chocolate massage nourishes the skin, the traditional one activates the so-called energy centers - chakras.

Thai massage with herbal bags is a soothing treatment, designed to fill the skin with oxygen, activating the body's natural abilities to recover. Toning, filling the body with molecules of healing herbs, our talented Thai female massage therapists stimulate the regenerative processes in the body.

Distinctive features of Thai massage with herbal bags.

To achieve the maximum effect, the herbal mixture in the bags includes a complex mix of spices, herbs and chopped ginger, turmeric, and lime. All of these nutrients are combined together in a tonic “bomb”, which the therapist applies to the body surface of the client, such is the power of Thai massage with herbal bags.

Essential oils that reveal the properties of the chopped ingredients are often added to the mixture. In addition, it combines the massage and aromatherapy in one session, complementing the comprehensive effect of the treatment.

If to be more detailed about the separate components, you should appreciate the ginger, which is helpful at rheumatism, and indispensable for the prevention of colds and the need to boost immunity. Lime normalizes pressure, acts as an antispasmodic and improves digestion. In addition, it contains antioxidants.

Before the treatment, the bags are heated, not only for the client to feel comfortable, but also to enhance the effect of the massage – heated bags gently warm up and relax the muscles. A standard set of movements of Thai massage with herbal bags includes rolls, rubbing, stroking. The treatment covers the whole body except the head, most attention is paid to the chest, legs, and back.

Thai Massage with herbal bags is an excellent remedy for stress, tension, the treatment helps prevent from diseases and strengthens the immune system. Our Sabai Dee salon is the destination, where you will be able to feel in caring hands of professionally trained female massage therapists, which will help to fortify your health and raise the tone. And to get re-energized, please try energetic Thai massage or Thai massage with oil.

Time Price
1 hour 1450
1.5 hours 1650
2 hours 1850