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Professional Thai massage of head and face in Kiev.

Filled with eastern mysticism and centuries-old researches, Thai massage of head and face is a traditional procedure, but it is highly relevant in our stress-filled time. It helps the body regain vigor and spirit, tighten and rejuvenate the face, relieve fatigue and normalize blood flow.

In our Sabai Dee salon Thai masseuse dedicate customers in the sacrament of Thai head and face massage as well as legs massage. High professionalism of our masters was acquired in the famous "Wat Pho" Buddhist school - all of them have diplomas of this prestigious institution. We appreciate each customer and we are happy with our constant and new clients. 

Features of Thai head and face massage.

Just as Thai traditional, head and face massage affects the energy points in the body, activating its latent possibilities. The procedure helps to get rid of both physical and psychological discomfort, relieve fatigue, and involve regenerating ability of the body. You will get both external and internal changes. The skin will retain elasticity, normal blood circulation will restore and the complexion will harmonize.

Thai face and head massage promotes lymph microcirculation and hence, activate anti-aging processes. By normalizing sebaceous glands, the procedure prevents occurrence of acne and other unwanted marks on the skin. It relaxes facial muscles, so that the skin becomes smooth and wrinkles disappear.

With regard to internal changes, you will further retrieve appetite, digestive organs will function normally.

During Thai head and face massage, our specialists use remedies of world-leading cosmetic companies. By smooth actions of care fingers, masseurs work with the skin, making circular movements of gentle character, alternating with firm pressing by thumbs into energy points. In addition to forehead, cheeks, mouth corners, masseurs pay great attention to ears, which, as we know, has a huge number of bioactive points, responsible for various functions of the body.

After the procedure, your body will feel a peace of mind combined with amazing elation. You will restore normal functioning of organs, raise immunity, and refresh the skin. We do not often have the time to throw off tiredness, but it is essential for our health.

Thai head and facial massage is perfect for this purpose. 

Time Price
30 min 600
40 min 650