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Healing complex: Energetic Thai massage in Kyiv

When you need palpable cheerfulness and health for a short time, the energetic Thai massage performed by our certified and talented female massage therapists will perfectly fit you.

This treatment includes both traditional Thai dry massage, which primarily focuses on the activation of the energy points in the body, as well as a half-hour Thai massage, which also deals with particular centers on the feet. The staff of Sabai Dee salon is presented by a team of professional Thai female massage therapists, trained in a special Buddhist school “Wat Po”. We monitor the quality of our services maintaining the traditionally high level and following the existing traditions of old masters. Our masters offer you Thai massage to any taste: Thai head and face massage, Thai foot massage and even Thai massage at home.

Distinctive features of energetic Thai foot massage

This treatment requires a thorough knowledge of the body, and the relationship between all the elements in the body. Points on the feet belong to the different organs in our body. During the energetic Thai foot massage the affects these bioactive points, relaxing, toning and healing the body. The treatment includes the massage of drumsticks, thighs, and even the head - after the caring hands of a specialist, you will feel relaxed and calm.

Unlike direct relative of the energetic Thai foot massage - Chinese Acupuncture - this performed by a stick and aromatic oils instead of a needle.

Its effect is amazing - only over half an hour you will feel, how your mood has improved, and how your body has relaxed.

Energetic Thai foot massage perfectly helps relieve swelling, stimulate blood vessels, reduce stress, prevent varicose veins. Over the session of ten treatments you will improve your blood pressure, get red of insomnia and migraine.

Coupled with a traditional Thai massage, foot massage has a complex effect on the entire body, providing a beneficial influence, and energizing the client. Drawing to a point of eternity, the methodology of energetic Thai massage enables to restore the health broken by the problems surrounding negative impacts, and overcome a sedentary lifestyle, eliminate the problems with muscles, joints and back.

Time Price
1.5 hours 1350
2 hours 1450