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Sabai Dee Thai massage salons in Kiev:

  • Kruglouniversitetskaya Street 6.

+38 (067) 108-7000,
+38 (044) 209-93-00

  • Architect Gorodetsky Street 15.

+38 (067) 185-7000

Working hours of the Thai massage salons: 10 a.m. – 12. a.m. daily

At our salons, you can purchase the Gift Certificate for the traditional Thai massages and SPA treatments. If you don’t have any opportunity to visit us, our consultant will come over to you.

If you want to use the gift certificate for several services, you should write about it in the feedback form.

Along with the gift certificate, you can order additional postcards, flowers, sweets, and other pleasant things for the person. Our managers will take care of your gift set and will select the best-customized solution.

If you want to add a postcard with regards to your ordered service, write the text with regards in the box ‘message’ in the ‘feedback’ form.